Understanding Backlinks

Backlinks and link building are an essential part of any SEO strategy. Your rankings in the search engines depend on the quality of your link building campaign, your capability to identify backlink prospects and your ability to network your way to their hearts!

In this course, you’ll learn the basics about backlinks: what are backlinks, why they are essential, and why you should give link building a high priority in your overall SEO strategy.

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Learn SEO Backlink Building tricks from industry experts

Sante Achille and Dixon Jones share over 40 years of digital marketing experience. The course provides an overview of the technical aspects of backlinks. It explains everything you need to know about backlink attributes and how search engines use them as a primary ranking signal.

By taking this course on backlinks and link building, you will learn basic link building principles and techniques. If you are new to SEO, the Understanding Backlinks course will provide many useful concepts you need to learn. Forums and SEO websites often tell conflicting stories based on experience. Where is the truth?

Sante Achille and Dixon Jones

What's in the link building course?

Understanding Backlinks is a free course that provides reliable information on link building and how to acquire backlinks, based on the assumption that SEO is more an art than it is a science. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions such as

  • What are toxic backlinks?
  • How to evaluate a backlink?
  • How many backlinks you need to rank on the search engines?
  • How many backlinks are in your backlink profile?

You’ll also learn to identify who is linking to your website and how to perform a backlink analysis.

Understanding Backlinks is a practical course that explains sophisticated SEO strategies and complex calculations with intuitive and straightforward examples anyone interested in digital marketing can understand. The course also features a section with examples of how link building works and where you can get backlinks.

If you’re interested in learning or merely curious about link building and how it can help you rank highly in the search engines, this is the course on backlinks and link building you’ve been looking for. It’s simple, and it’s free. We organised the course in 15-minute lessons, for you to learn at your own pace.

Discover the power of backlinks, master the art of link building with this step-by-step introduction to link building by Majestic!